Migraine Headache Types: When to Seek Emergency Care

As we have learned, up to 37 million of people in the United States, or 12 % of men, women in children, suffer from migraine. The numbers for the world aren’t far behind, with the World Health Organization reporting that 10% of the world have been diagnosed with migraines. That’s 1 in 10 people aroundRead More

Information on Migraine Headaches: What You Should Know Now!

  You see them everywhere… on television, on social media, and in magazines; advertisements with information on migraine headaches and treatments for chronic migraine. But just what is a migraine headache and at what point do migraine attacks constitute chronic migraine? In this article, we will define migraine and chronic migraine, look at the stagesRead More

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MY STORY Welcome! My name is Anita Liberatore. I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother of four- two boys, two girls; three adults, one teenager with special needs. I have suffered from migraine since I was five years of age; I have endured chronic migraine for the last ten years or more. IRead More