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10 Reasons You Should Keep a Migraine Headache Journal

Confused About Migraine Headache Journals? If you have seen a doctor (neurologist) or migraine headache specialist, you have likely been told to keep a migraine headache journal, but do you really know what information you need to keep track of or what the purpose of such a journal is? In this article, I will tellRead More

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Migraine Headache Remedies Beyond the Doctor’s Office

  Making Sense of Migraine Headache Remedies There will be times when even the best prescription medications for migraine headaches will not work. Remember that you are only 45% likely to respond to anyone medication for migraine headaches. So the question remains, what to do for a migraine headache? There may also be times whenRead More

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Migraine Headache Types: When to Seek Emergency Care

Before Looking at Migraine Headache Types, Let’s Look at the Stats As we have learned, up to 37 million of people in the United States, or 12 % of men, women in children, suffer from migraine. The numbers for the world aren’t far behind, with the World Health Organization reporting that 10% of the worldRead More

Information on Migraine Headaches

Information on Migraine Headaches: What You Should Know Now!

How to Make Sense of Information on Migraine Headaches You see them everywhere… on television, on social media, and in magazines; advertisements with information on migraine headaches and treatments for chronic migraine. But just what is a migraine headache and at what point do migraine attacks constitute chronic migraine? In this article, we will define migraineRead More