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Aculief Acupressure Tool

Aculief, My Favorite of the Acupressure Tools for Migraine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for centuries and is quite effective in treating maladies we face today, including migraine headaches and chronic migraine (CM). How Does Accupressure Work? TCM uses several techniques including traditional herbs, acupuncture and acupressure. Today we are going to look at acupressure. TCM is based on the energy thatRead More

Alternative Treatments for migraine headaches plants/bottle

Migraine Headache Remedies Beyond the Doctor’s Office

  Making Sense of Migraine Headache Remedies There will be times when even the best prescription medications for migraine headaches will not work. Remember that you are only 45% likely to respond to anyone medication for migraine headaches. So the question remains, what to do for a migraine headache? There may also be times whenRead More