Do Air Pressure Regulating Earplugs Work for Weather Related Migraines? The MigraineX Review

You Can’t Control the Weather…

My family says that I’m a better forecaster of the weather than the news report because of my migraines, and they are not alone. In study after study, people have said this, or something like it, time and time again.

If you have been recording the weather in your migraine headache journal, you may have noticed this for yourself. In fact, according to studies, weather is the number one trigger of migraine headache attacks.

Traditionally, advice on how to handle migraine headache attacks that are triggered by weather is to avoid bright sunlight Changing weather in the distanceand stay indoors during inclement weather. But how does that really help?

It doesn’t!

You cannot live your life, work, take care of yourself and your family, and have any type of social life if you have to stay indoors and avoid inclement weather. Lately there has been talk in some migraine circles about the new air pressure regulating earplugs known as MigraineX. We are going to look at them here, but first, more on weather related migraines.

… Or Can you?

Many doctors advise people to stay indoors and rest during times of humidity, wind, or other inclement weather. That would work fine if these things happened only once in a blue moon. Weather, however, is constantly changing.

Bright sun over a body of waterEven a good, bright, sunny day can trigger a migraine. I have never found the conventional wisdom to stay indoors to be particularly practical. How do you work, care for a family, or have a social life if you have to be indoors unless the weather is perfect?

The majority of migraineurs who are affected by weather are actually affected by the changes in barometric pressure around them as a weather system approaches, moves through, and as they clear and the pressure rises once again. Barometric pressure changes happen even on pretty days.

Depending on where you live and what time of year it is, this could be a constant battle. This is where MigraineX, the first ever product to treat and prevent weather related migraine headaches. But what are they and do they work?

What is MigraineX?

From Cirrus Healthcare Products, the makers of EarPlanes (used by many when flying over the last 12 years), MigraineX is a set of pressure regulating earplug devices that can be worn while you go about the activities in your life.

The earplugs are made of a soft silicone that come with the MigraineX App which alerts you when there areMigraineX Pressure Regulating Devices in the box. going to be changes in pressure that might trigger a migraine.

These patent-pending silicone earplugs have a ribbed design that fit into the ears with a stem that filters and regulates the pressure in your head.

They come with a hard plastic storage case and when properly cared for will last a very long time. They cost only $11.99 on Amazon, and come with a Money Back Guarantee.

How to Use MigraineX Pressure Regulating Earplug Devices

The first thing you want to do is to download the companion app onto your phone or other mobile device. There is a QR code on the enclosed literature that when scanned in will take you directly to the download page.

The app will alert you to days when you may be likely to experience a migraine that is triggered by barometric pressure so that you know to carry your MigraineX devices with you.

The default for barometric pressure changes is set at (+) or (-) 0.20 millibars of pressure. This works well for most people. Some of us, however are sensitive to lower or higher amounts of change. You can adjust this setting if you find you are getting migraines at lower (or higher) changes in pressure.

The enclosed literature also instructs you well on how to insert the devices. Basically you use the one hand to pull up on the ear that you are inserting it in and then use the other to insert it.

After placing the device in the ear canal, you want to insert it more by twisting it in a clockwise motion and then you MigraineX Pressure Regulating Devicesrepeat the process on the opposite ear. You may want to practice inserting them a few times before you actually need them.

These devices should be worn for two to four hours only. The maximum amount of time they should be worn in a 24-hour periods is 12 hours.

The devices come with a convenient plastic carrying case. When you are not using the devices, or carrying them with you on an Alert Day, you want to store them in your freezer. I find the devices are easier to insert right out of the freezer.

Of course, you will want to clean the devices between use to avoid any sort of contamination and to extend the life of the devices. They advise you to wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth or cotton. I find the simplest way to clean them is with a cotton swab (Q-Tip). Be sure to properly clean and store them so that they will last you a good long while.

Do not submerge the devices in water, as this will ruin the mechanism in the stem that regulates the pressure.

Do They Actually Work?

The short answer is yes. I have tested the MigraineX Pressure Regulating Devices for myself over the last couple of months and I find they not only relieve most of my migraine headache attacks (not all of them are weather related), but they do so quickly.

MigraineX Pressure Regulating Devices in carrying caseWhen I use them at the first sign of a migraine headache attack, they relieve my symptoms withing 15 minutes of placing them in my ears. For more persistent migraines, they will help reduce my symptoms when I wear them.

As I said, they do not necessarily work with ALL my migraines, as I have other things that trigger them, like stress and different foods, but I would have to say that they work 85% to 90% of the time.

There Are Two Bonuses to MigraineX

There are two main bonuses to MigraineX Pressure Regulating Devices. First, they also work on sinus and cluster headaches as well. I suffer sinus headaches, especially in the spring and fall. I find this to be one of the best ways to treat them.

Secondly, if you are looking for something for your child’s migraines, you are in luck! MigraineX Pressure Regulating Devices come in two sizes – adult and child.

The Wrap-Up

  • To recap, weather is the most common trigger for migraine headache attacks. This means that most migraineurs suffer from migraines that are triggered by weather.
  • MigraineX is the first product to address weather related migraine headache attacks. They are easy to use earplugs that regulate the pressure in your head that is causing the migraine.
  • They also come with an app that can help predict which days you might be affected by weather related migraines. The app will let you know when you should be aware of the first symptoms of a migraine headache attack and when you should have the devices handy.
  • They not only work, but they work quickly to alleviate your symptoms and avoid a full-blown migraine headache attack.
  • They are also very effective for sinus and cluster headaches and can be used by children who suffer migraines, as they are also available in a child size.
  • At just $11.99 on Amazon, they are also a very affordable method for alleviating migraine headache attacks.

For fast, effective relief of your weather-related migraines,


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