Doctors Recommend Cold Therapy for Relief From Migraine Headaches – Could the Headache Hat Work for You?

Over and Over, Doctors Have Recommended Cold Therapy for Migraine Headache Attacks, But What About the Drawbacks?

If you have migraines, or know someone who does, you may also know that doctors have recommended cold therapy for relief of migraine headache attacks since at least 1849. The cold is believed to shrink inflammation, calm the nerves and relax the muscles in the head and neck.The Tip of the Iceberg

If you have tried it, you know that it can spell relief from most, if not all, of your pain. In fact, in studies, 75% or more patients reported relief from cold therapy. Click here for more information on migraines.

There are several problems with using ice packs. If you use a plastic baggie for ice cubes, you are eventually going to get wet. If not from a leak, then from the constant condensation. It can be hard to relax if you are trying to balance any kind of ice pack on your head, and there is not way to lie down and get comfortable with one as doctors recommend doing.

What happens if you have to pick up your child from an extracurricular activity and you get hit with a migraine fifteen minutes before you have to leave? You can’t just leave your child hanging and you may not be able to find a substitute ride at the last minute. But what if there was an ice pack that you could wear, that is long-lasting, never gets your head wet, and also provides pressure to relieve your pain?

Cold Therapy Comparison

I have tried three products for cold therapy relief – the Headache Hat, the Migraine Hat and the CryoMax Cold Pack in size medium. I’m going to compare them here for you now.

Let’s Start With the Migraine Hat

Migraine HatThe Migraine Hat consists of a thin gel pack that is placed inside a hat tapered to fit around the head. Some people absolutely love this product, but it does have some basic disadvantages. It comes in one size and the Velcro closure is thin and does not allow for much size or shape adjustment.

Also, the Migraine Hat’s gel packs, as I said, are very slim. Because of this, you do not get cold therapy for very long, though it does come with an additional gel pack. And let’s face it – gel packs do not hold the cold for a very long period of time. The gel packs lasted about a half hour each for a total of an hour.

The CryoMax Cold Pack

The CryoMax Cold Pack is a hybrid of ice pockets surrounded by a gel pack. There are ice balls in the medium-sized CryoMax Cold Pack, size mediumCryoMax Cold Pack. This allows for the longest lasting cold experience of all three of these products.

The problem I have is that it is a flat cold pack not specifically made to be used on the head. It does come with a case to insert the cold pack into that has a Velcro strap, but you still cannot wear it and move around very much.

I often use my CryoMax Cold Pack on my neck when I have a migraine with nausea and vomiting as this will alleviate those symptoms by calming the inflammation in the brainstem that is causing these them.

The CryoMax Cold Pack does last for around 3 1/2 hours and the effects from it does last the 8 hours that it claims to last. It is a great choice if you want the versatility to use it on other parts of the body like the back, knee, shoulder or hip.

Now Let’s Look at the Headache Hat

The Headache Hat consists of 21 individually wrapped ice packs that fit into a Lycra cloth strap that is worn around the headThe Headache Hat showing two of the individual ice packs like a hat. The ice packs fit into three channels and each individual ice pack can be moved along these channels to place the packs directly on the areas where you pain is more pronounced.

The Headache Hat’s Lycra strap is very stretchy and has a wide Velcro closing that can be adjusted to just the amount of firmness or compression that you need. The closure itself can be placed at the front, back or either side of the head so that you can get the cold sensation exactly where you need it. It can be worn high on the forehead, or it can be pulled down over the eyes to block the light from your eyes in the case of sensitivity to light.

The individual ice pack can be removed for ease in washing the strap. The Headache Hat also come with a soft fleece cloth that can be affixed to the main “strap” in the case that placing it directly is too cold for you.

So Which is the Best Option For Relief?

After testing the Migraine Hat, the CryoMax Cold Pack, and the Headache Hat for quite some time, I have gotten to know them all very well.

The Migraine Hat, I find, is not long-lasting, nor does it fit very well. I could see it being a good product for those with very sensitive scalps, however. It does come with a second gel pack insert which doubles the amount of time it will last to an hour and a half or so.

The CryoMax Cold Pack lasts the longest amount of time at 3 1/2 hours. It is also versatile in that it can be used on any part of the body. This may be a good choice if you are looking for something just for your neck or to use on any area of the body.

The Headache Hat is my best choice for migraine headaches. It lasts around two hours and it does wrap around the head forThe Headache Hat - showing velcro closure full relief. You can place the individual cubes on pain points for maximum relief and it can be worn on the go.

You can also pull it down over your eyes and whether you are lying down with it or you are on the go, it is going to maintain its amount of compression everywhere on your head. It can also be used on other parts of the body and replacements of the individual ice packs can be ordered to double the amount of relief by going to the website on the storage bag.

The Headache Hat is my first choice for migraine relief. GET YOURS FROM AMAZON HERE

One Woman on a Mission to Find Relief

In 2013 a woman named Sherri (she does not share her last name publicly) was using an ice pack made from ice cubes and a plastic baggie to get relief from a particularly bad migraine headache attack. She was frustrated because as she was holding pressure on one of the ice cubes to intensify the relief, her head was getting soaked from the leaky bag. Sherri was also a mother with an infant to care for. She could certainly not afford to take it easy with a child to care for.

During the attack, she began thinking about a solution. She knew that if she was going through this, certainly there were others who had gone through it. By the time her headache was gone, and even before the fog of the migraine had lifted, she had come up with an idea that she immediately shared with her husband. With his support, it was not long before Sherri had a solution.

What is the Headache Hat?

Taking materials she had at home, such as the Lycra material of her yoga pants, Sherri designed a band of material that The Headache Hat - in its storage bagwhen applied looked like a hat. It contains 21 ice cubes individually sealed in plastic. The ice cubes are situated in three rows or channels in which they could be moved to the spot where the pain was particularly intense in order to get the maximum amount of relief.

This band of material was held together by a wide swath of Velcro and could be positioned anywhere on the head. The stretchy material and Velcro closure allowed for varying amounts of pressure around the entire head. She did not have to lie or sit in any one position to get this level of relief.

She made it so that the Headache Hat ice cubes could be removed and the band could be washed when needed.

The Wrap-Up

While all three of the cold packs tested offered their own advantages, the headache hat offers the most versatility for the treatment of migraine headaches. It lasts for about two hours, can be placed anywhere you have pain.

It’s individually wrapped ice packs can be moved within its three channels in the Lycra band and they can be removed for washing and drying. It can be reversed to maximize the amount of cold therapy that you get. In my opinion, it is the best option for fast, long-lasting relief.

Cold therapy works for migraine headache attacks in most people. To get your Headache Hat from Amazon for Yourself:



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